The Process

General FAQs

Essentially, Nano-technology in the detailing industry utilizes a 9th century Mesopotamian trick. A trick in which pottery-makers created a metallic Nano glaze made from copper, silver salts, and oxides that created a glittering effect on pottery that up through the Renaissance, made it distinctive for its ancient, shimmering luster. Nanoceramic is a type of nanoparticle that is composed of ceramics, which are generally classified as inorganic, heat-resistant, nonmetallic solids made of both metallic and nonmetallic compounds. The material offers unique properties which when maintained can enhance and protect a vehicles paint for years.
The coatings require an authorized detailer to apply them for you. That means that they have experience in prepping the paint for application. This is a huge bonus as Your paint may never look that good again because of how much work goes into preparing the car for one of these coatings.
Yes, you can, apart from Crystal Serum which can only be applied by our international network of Accredited Detailers. Please note ceramic coatings with nano-technology is very different from traditional waxes or polymer sealants. So, unless you are familiar with this technology, have been certified or accredited through a trusted source, then we strongly advise you to NOT do this on your own or with someone who is NOT certified or accredited. You can damage a vehicle beyond repair. All coatings should be done in a temperature controlled environment as well.
The durability, whether you choose a light or professional grade a minimum of 3-year guarantee is often expressed sometimes upwards of 7-10 years. They last a long time and protect your paint from naturally acidic contaminants, UV damage, and may even add a little cushion room in terms of light scratches. They also require minimum maintenance on the brands that we offer which may be a simple as washing with a certain soap and avoiding brush car washes to a yearly or bi yearly top coat application again depending on the brand you choose.
Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper? While we can argue the molecular level compound and particle competitions of these products they are all generally the same with different highlighted qualities. The Ceramics that we choose to carry are one of two things, and affordable short term solution, or the toughest long lasting products available. We offer light versions of several brands that may last only 2 to 3 years, but will cover the term of a leased vehicles and make exterior maintenance cheaper and more infrequent. On the other hand, for a vehicle Owner who wants the longest most durable protection available, we offer professional grade coatings with estimated lives of 5, 7, even 10 years in normal weather conditions. We carry these brands and offer different grades to be able to meet each vehicle owners needs and stay within a fair budget range.
Our Nano-ceramic coatings bond chemically with your car’s paintwork, therefore, we must remove any previously applied products prior to coating a vehicle. This is done with a single stage machine polish.
You can as the wax will not damage any of our coatings; however, we recommend you don't for several reasons. First, you will have an extremely hydrophobic product on your vehicle after the coating is complete, the wax will dull this effect. All our coatings are designed to prevent contaminant bonding and are non-yellowing. Wax is a soft finish into which contaminants easily bond and wax is not optically clear.
Our coatings have no adverse effects on correct repaint procedure. And please note that none of our coatings produce airborne silicones and so will not cause any body shop contamination. Also, we are one of the only authorized applicators of a product that can be coated on a freshly painted vehicle just after 96 hours* of being painted. *With proof that the vehicle was in fact painted minimum of 96 hours prior to being serviced.
So long as you follow the instructions then none of our coatings will ever peel or flake, but if you do not remove residue as instructed, the excess product can peel, flake or turn into a white crystalline powder.
Our ultra-durable Nano-ceramic coatings are very hydrophobic and designed to repel water and dirt, helping to make your car easier to maintain. While it is unlikely that bird droppings would completely slide off the surface, the coating itself would certainly make the mark easier to remove.
This is a very important question and one that requires quite an involved answer. A lot of people mistakenly think that it is the chemicals in the bird droppings that are the primary reason bird droppings harm your paintwork. In fact the major cause of damage is related to mechanical issues of the areas beneath the insulating effect of the bird dropping not swelling and shrinking like the rest of your paintwork as it is exposed to sunlight. What we have found through extensive real world testing, is that without the coating, your clear coat can be compromised requiring repaint, but coatings do not completely prevent any marking from a bird dropping left on a car for a long period of time, the damage could be repaired through polishing, thereby avoiding having to repaint. Repair of this damage is covered under our guarantee (This guarantee is only valid if our coatings are applied by one of our Accredited Detailers), but our advice is always to remove bird droppings from your vehicle's paintwork as soon as you notice them.
Nothing is out of the realm of possibility and yes we can do any air, sea or land vehicles depending on your needs and all regulations. CALL FOR INFORMATION

Crystal Serum FAQs

Crystal Serum forms a composite of two inorganic layers of ceramic. The slightly softer layer migrates to and chemically bonds to the substrate (it can bond to any type of gel coat, vinyl and all kinds of paint - clear coat, acrylic, nitro-cellulose, two-pack, solid paint, metallic paint, pearlescent, urethane, polyurethane, matte etc.) whilst the thinner harder layer migrates to the surface. This combination offers significantly better swirl resistance than standard ceramic coatings (including so called 9h "super coatings") plus Crystal Serum is resistant to the strongest acids and alkalis. It is also resistant to temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius.
Applied incorrectly, Crystal Serum can only be wet sanded off your vehicles finish which means that we can only release this product to our fully trained Accredited Detailers.
Yes, but we recommend a lighter version of this, C1 over coated with EXO as a more suitable solution. We currently work with a custom vinyl wrap company locally who come highly recommended.
If a car is looked after well, washed using our recommended shampoos and washing accessories, then Crystal Serum will easily reach its 7-year guarantee. If looked after incorrectly, abused or mistreated then obviously, the lifespan of the coating will be substantially reduced.
If a car is looked after well, washed using our recommended shampoos and washing accessories, then Crystal Serum will easily reach its 5-year guarantee. If looked after incorrectly, abused or mistreated then obviously, the lifespan of the coating will be substantially reduced.
If it has been applied correctly, and is maintained and washed using our recommended shampoos and washing accessories, it has potential outlast our 5-year guarantee on application and improper bond (peeling, chipping, bubbling) outside of any additional offered manufacturers guaranatee from the manufacturer. If looked after incorrectly, abused or mistreated then obviously, the lifespan of the coating will be substantially reduced.
We recommend you allow our coatings to cure for up to 12 hours before you get it wet. The product itself dries very quickly though.
Even though this product is exceptionally durable when compared to traditional waxes and sealants, we do recommend a variety of products that we advise to use. All the products you find on our website or in our shop have been tested in hundreds of wash cycles without damage to the coatings. Refer to the post-coating aftercare here (link to that area).
Yes! In fact, due to its chemical bonding mechanism, Crystal Serum, Crystal Serum Light and C1 become the functional surface of your vehicle's paintwork; they bond permanently to your vehicle's paintwork.
Standard quartz coatings freely react with air to form crystals. Crystal Serum (and Crystal Serum Light) only forms a film when it reacts with the surface of your car’s paintwork where it produces a composite film that comfortably outperforms industry standard air curing 9h coatings.
With any hydrophobic coating, be it a wax, sealant or coating; if dirty water and hard tap water is left on the surface to dry, it often will leave residues that were in the water behind as unsightly spots on your beautifully enhanced and protected paintwork. In most cases these will wash off very easily, but in some cases, particularly with hard water which leaves white spots of calcium and magnesium behind, they don’t. In which case, we suggest stopping by and we will check it out for you. Our best advice to prevent this happening is to never allow tap water dry out on your vehicle for an extended period of time.
We understand the cost of a typical wash and wax at your weekend preferred drive in car wash may only range from $30-90 depending on the depth of the cleaning. We agree that spending a couple hundred dollars isn’t a cheap or necessary expense, however, we believe it is an investment that pays itself off rather quickly. Let’s agree that your detailer or car wash has been keeping your car "clean" but you still notice scratches and imperfections. Let’s also agree that you get your car wash say once every 2-weeks so twice a month. If the average cost of your car wash and wax is $60 and you do it twice a month that’s $120 a month and $1,440 a year. If this is the case, you have now spent $1,440 on washing and waxing that still has not preventing and physical damage or contamination of your vehicles exterior. The fact is typical newer cars can be completely paint corrected and treated in a professional grade ceramic coating for half of that, on top of that you won’t need to wax for a minimum of 5+ years on professional grade coatings. Now that we have just saved $1,440 for 5+ years lets also highlight the fact that since your paint won’t fade, oxidize and will has substantially less scratches that your resale value has now become mush higher than a vehicle of the same age with poor paint conditions, again an investment. We know that ceramic coatings are not for everyone, we also know some people prefer wax or sealants so we offer those as well in an effort to keep everyone satisfied while offering the best products available THAT WE HAVE ACTUALLY TESTED!